Update- 12/09/2012: Due to Gary's tinnitus, it's likely there will be no additional performances of The American Tarot, though acoustic sets and solo shows with willing participants may happen, precisely if I feel like it.

10/10/2010 THE AMERICAN TAROT is a group of friends of mine with whom I've written and performed songs since we were teenagers. The original band, officially formed in 1985, was called "TAROT". The original lineup was me, Gary Dunn, Mike McCann, and Mark Albert on vocals. Technology has allowed us to remain in touch and continue our hobby going on 25 years; and Gary, Mike, and I are still writing today. Only a small percentage of the music written over that period has been released, so we have our work cut out for us. We're looking forward to a new era of live performances, so watch the site for live dates... Kenny

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